welcome to EH Kiteboarding


House rules


Please take in consideration that...

The Dominican Republic is a developing country, some first world luxuries are not available or in short supply.

The country's water and electricity service shuts down sporadicly, to offer continuous service we run from a private water reserve and have an emergency generator, all waste water is handled by a natural septic system.

We do our best to keep everything running smoothly but we need your cooperation and sometimes when the sh.t hits the fan...your patience :-).


Fresh water is limited and not potable.
Please conserve water.
Please be aware that the tapwater is not potable and cleaning theet is best done with bottled water.
No public sewage system
Do not flush paper, napkins trough the toilet.
Avoid beach sand from entering the shower.
Natural Sewage system
Do not flush chemicals or grease trough the sink. Use paper towel for grease and discard in garbage.
Electricity is expensive
5x more expensive than in Europe or US.
Main consumer is air-conditioner .
Lost room key = 10US$
Lost safe key = 50US$
We invested in our own high capacity cable internet interface for the Dulce Vida complex. Private connections are available from 1Mb to 8Mb/s.
The pool area enjoys public free WIFI.
Please report any problems promptly because the internet service provider has a 24/48hr service window.
Ventilation / Air-conditioning
When cooking please open the windows to ventilate.
Rainy season
When expecting rain please close windows
Propane gas tank
Never cook unattended, promptly advice us when you run out of gas.
Your guests
During the day, your guests have to be accompanied by either the renter or owner.
At night , your guest have to be accompanied by the renter or the owner and leave a valid identification at the gate.
Communal Area/Pool
Reserved for current renters and owners, respect fellow guests.
no animals allowed in the apartments
a reminder that smoking, in whatever form is not allowed inside the apartments.

Thank you for your cooperation.