House Rules
Dulce Vida Cabarete

Please take in consideration that...

The Dominican Republic is a developing country, some first world luxuries are not available or in short supply.

The country's water and electricity service shuts down sporadicly, to offer continuous service we run from a private water reserve and have an emergency generator, all waste water is handled by a natural septic system.

We do our best to keep everything running smoothly but we need your cooperation and sometimes when the sh.t hits the fan...your patience :-).


There is no lifeguard nor is there any infrastructure on site that protects children around the pool area.

Unaccompanied children are not allowed around the pool area.

Fresh water is limited and not potable.

Please be aware that the tap water is not potable and cleaning teeth is best done with bottled water.
Please conserve water.

Internet and WIFI

We invested in our own high capacity fiber internet interface.
Private connections are available from 1Mb to 100Mb/s.
Please report any problems promptly because the internet service provider has a 24/48hr service window.

Towels and Linen

For long term guests we include a linen and towel change and a apartment cleaning for free once a week.
For short term rentals we offer it every 3 days.
Guest can request an cleaning, extra linen towel change for a fee of 10 US. Please towels are not to be used to clean floor, if you destroy a towel we will charge you 10US. A reminder that bed sheets are to sleep in and towels to dry yourself they are not to be used to clean the floor or anything else for that matter.

"We will charge you if you wreck them. "

Air conditioning

Please be advised, that you need to turn of the air conditioner when you leave the apartment, electricity is brutally expensive.

That our air conditioning does not work in the rare event when we are on emergency power.


No animals of any kind allowed on the permisses


No smoking in the apartments, "zero tolerance".


During daytime your guests need to be accompanied by you. At night your guest need to be accompanied by you and leave an identity card at the gate with security.

Party / Noise

Parties are allowed but need 24hr notice and permission from management and need to end by 10 PM.
Please respect your neighbors and keep the noise levels down.


Always shower off the sand and salt water when you come from the beach.
No un supervised children around the pool area.

Cars and Parking

Please do not let your guest honk the horn to get your attention.

Natural sewage system

Avoid beach sand from entering the showers.
Do not flush toilet paper or female sanitary products trough the toilet.
Do not flush chemicals or grease trough the sink.
Use paper towel for grease and discard in garbage.

Electricity is expensive

3x more expensive than in Europe or US, please conserve. Please turn lights and fans off when not home.


Please be aware that the majority of the locals around us live in what you would call poverty, 200US/month is an average salary here.


Lost room key = 10US$ /safe key = 50US$


When cooking a strong smelling meal, please open the windows and doors to ventilate.

Propane gas tank

Never cook unattended, promptly advice us when you run out of gas.

We thank you for your cooperation.